About Us

When Angelica and Kelly first met in 2008, they never thought about anything except being friends. Instantly the two personalities “clicked” and they did what best friends do – raise their kids, go to movies, shop, and laugh.
“All we did for the first year is laugh,” according to Kelly. “You cannot be around this girl and not be in hysterics!” Angelica gave me permission to laugh, as well as be myself. Like so many women, I had settled into raising my kids and taking care of my family. I had given ALL of myself to them and had nothing left for me. I had forgotten who I was. This is all too common, especially with women. Our goal with this business was specific – to give women permission to think about and do something for themselves.
You will feel it when you meet them. It will be all about you, and I guarantee when you leave, you will look and feel like the woman you want the world to see.

In 2010, Better In Colour Spa added Teeth Whitening to our already award-winning Mineral Makeup product line. Whitening your teeth completes the look our Skin Care and Mineral Makeup offers. We use the Bella Terra and Bella Pierre Mineral cosmetics lines and incorporate skin care and makeup consultations with any teeth whitening session. Why apply great makeup to mediocre skin?  Use great skin as your palette and complement your style with natural, fun, exceptional Mineral Makeup.  Call our Spa at 125 S. Main St. in Kernersville
 (336.992.4200) to set up a skin care and makeup consultation with Angelica, and be the best you can be!